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who are you wearing?

Ever notice that when the models or the actors arrive on the Red Carpet for a big award show, they're met with shouts of "who are you wearing?" They usually will answer back with the name of the person who designed their outfit. It was just the women asked in the beginning but now even the men are met with that same question...WHO are you wearing?

I don't always understand why they chose that outfit...I remember one that looked like the woman had been swallowed by a swan. Sometimes it looks like they are wearing someone else's outfit that doesn't quit fit perfectly. Never the less...the question is WHO ARE YOU WEARING

So here's the question for you, Who are you wearing today...I'm not looking for the name of your designer because if I would have to say for would be Walmart women's section or Lane Bryant. But that's not what I Romans 13:14 it says "Let the Lord Jesus Christ be as near to you as the clothes you wear. then you won't try to satisfy your selfish desires...but put on the Lord Jesus Christ."

So, the question for you is Who are you wearing? Did you put on Jesus today, are you acting as Jesus would? Not the silicone band with WWJD, but wearing Jesus among the people you walk today. Have you put on His grace, have you dressed in his love?


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