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When did you laugh last and what made you laugh?

This morning on Rise and Shine with Rachel and Susan we talked about how we start each day with New Mercy from God and how that should give us a real sense of Joy and a light heart. In talking about that we couldn't help talking about laughter and how the Bible talks about it as a way to heal and encourage our souls. It is considered a gift from God and yet, I'm not sure we think of laughter as something that has a spiritual power for us.

Scientists who have studied laughter (yes there are people being paid to study laughter) have found that it is more than just a reaction to something we find amusing.

Laughter lowers our blood pressure, energizes our brain and helps our lungs and heart medically. Laughter also has a healing of the low feelings we all get sometimes.

Laughter is comforting, healing and connecting. Shared laughter builds a kind of camaraderie between people even strangers.

Who better to exhibit joy and be full of fun and laughter that the followers of Christ who know that they are deeply loved, always have Him with them and know that they've been promised heaven and forever presence with God and Jesus after their time on this earth is over. We have more reasons to be pure joy than anyone else because we are filled with the Spirit of God. Happy people, joy filled people, people who live like they have the grace of God and the New Mercy each morning are far more attractive than those that who don't .

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