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Unduh da sea....unduh da sea....

I know that the new live version of The Little Mermaid is coming out this summer in theatres. But it's kind of not "live version" because a lot of the movie (especially the underwater scenes) are augmented with CG and FXs....But I can tell you as a scuba diver that under the sea there is no need for CG or FX. God has created an amazing world that not a lot of people get to explore. But despite that not a lot of people will dive on a reef full of colorful fish and amazing corals, God has spared no creativity. The fish are brightly colored, with different shapes and forms. Gem colors on the backs of sea turtles. Parrot fish that are blue green with lips that look like someone took the time to put lipstick on them.

Floating in their world, you are swimming through schools of Look downs and past bait balls of little fish that change the shape of the balls as they escape the predatory fish trying to make them lunch.

There are incredible systems to keep larger carnivorous fish clean and healthy. The big suspended above the reef and small fish begin to swim in and out of the yesterday's dinner out from between the big guy's teeth...never in danger of being eaten by him because he knows to leave his mouth open and allow the little fish to make sure he is dentally cleared. That big fish swims away and up swims another fish to take his turn at the fish cleaning spot.

It amazes me that knowing not many would see the beauty under the sea - God lovingly and creatively designed a jaw droppingly beautiful world . The sun shining rays through the shallows to make a jewel like blue sapphire color that frames the gorgeous colors of the creatures who call the reef home. It becomes obvious that God didn't only create for those of us who snorkle or scuba dive....He was creating for the joy of creating. He is the creator of the universe...who created everything out of nothing. Under the sea He has created the beauty for the joy of bringing that world alive. Thank you God for the gorgeous, vibrant life you have made. I can't wait to go back - strap a tank to my back and discover more of your joyful creation!

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