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To Thump or not to Thump

One of my favorite things in the Summer is when we can head out to the backyard with ice cold watermelon. But it has always been difficult to choose the best one. The one that is ripe and sweet and juicy.

I've heard look for the orange yellowish spot on the means that it has been sitting in the sun to ripen. I've heard thump it. But I don't know what to listen for when I it going to thump back? If I thump am I hoping for a deep sounding thump or a tight sounding thump. I've never gotten a clear answer so the question is always to thump or not to thump since I don't know what I'm hoping to hear.

But now, with the help of lots of research and reading what farmers and experts say...I think I can help you choose the best one. Yes, look for the yellowish orange spot the more pronounced the better. Pick it should feel heavier than it looks like it would. Now, while you have it in hand check it's belly button. Yes, I said that. Look at the end of it - not the end that it was attached to the vine but the end where the flower want a very small little button. To Thump or not to thump is up to you...I still don't know what sound to listen for...but it does make you look to other shoppers like you're an expert watermelon inspector.

Since you've found the heavy, orange spotted, little belly buttoned, expertly thumped melon you can buy it, get it home and into the refrigerator to get it good and cold. Here's the most important part...cut it open and see if you are officially expert in watermelon.

Oh! now that you've got the melon sliced...comes the next question. Salt or no Salt? We'll leave that answer for another time.

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