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To Grandmother's house we go

Thanksgiving is coming November 23rd and I'm hoping that we will be able to celebrate the time with family and the food we love. As a child I remember that we had the turkey and stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn and green bean casserole. There was always all kinds of pies from pumpkin to lemon to chocolate. Our table was always filled with food brought by Uncles and aunts and the seats filled by family, cousins and friends included.

But I didn't think of Thanksgiving as being filled with food and desserts, I always thought of Thanksgiving as just thanks for the people, the food and for the life we have enjoyed.

Everyone brought something special that they were known for like stuffing or fruit salad or deviled eggs...piles and piles of deviled eggs. But what I loved had little to do with the food (except the yeast rolls)

I always loved the family and friends around the table. The time that we took to tell what it was that we were thankful for. ..who we were thankful for and what we are wishing for the coming year.

But lately we've found that fewer and fewer families are taking the time to be thankful and spend time talking and enjoying the friends and family around the tables. I am hoping we can get more people this year to bring back the family thanksgiving table and food....and thanks.

Not trying to hurry past Thanksgiving to get to Black Friday or on to Christmas but to settle into Thanksgiving and all it represents. God deserves the thanks before it's all about the ask for Christmas. Families can pray together and show their gratitude on Thanksgiving.

It's not about the turkey and gravy, it's about the God that provided it..

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