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The story, the van, the song, the Power

Walker Hayes has a new song on KJIC along with Mercy Me called, simply, Craig. When he was at the Livestock show and rodeo this year he talked about the song...and he said, the song is a true story of his life, his family and a guy from church guessed it...Craig. He sang the song on stage and it was amazing. I'll admit that the song sounds a little different from most Country music because Walker chose to speak the story within the song. So not to run the risk of Craig's story getting lost in the music. Some people have thought it is rap...but it is simple Walker speaking the story inside the song. The Hayes family was struggling financially, spiritually and career wise - leaving them with 5 kids, and not enough seatbelts, until Craig. Craig met them at church. After seeing their dilemma he came to give them a new van that would hold all of the family safely. He said someone had done something like that for him and now he wanted to pay it forward. The power of the story is Walker admits that at the time he didn't understand church issues....but Craig was about grace and THAT he understood. Give it a listen, I'd love to hear what you think about the story.

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