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Shadow and Light

Today let’s talk about shadows and light and how standing in the shadow of God is good and that his light shines lead the way.

If we are in God’s shadow, He is protecting as He guides us with His light down the path He has before us.

Hosea 14:7 - My people will again live under my shade. They will flourish like grain and blossom like grapevines.

I think of gardens of all kinds when reading this scripture. They need both light and shade to grow. We are like that as well…when we are in the light, we feel the warm engulf us and awaken us and brightens us. When we are in the shade it gives us, the reprieve needed from the light that is shining brightly. It's like when we need sunglasses on a bright day.

God’s shade in this scripture is refers to protection and restoration in the shelter of God. Sitting in the shadows when the sun's heat is so very hot cools us off a bit and protects us from getting sunburnt. The same is for God’s shadow…He is protecting us and giving us relief from adversity we might be facing. We can bloom and grow when we have God’s protection because we are able to sit and focus on that growth.

We can feel like we are stuck or lurking in the shadows of life. But we can stand firm in knowing that, while shadows can often seem scary or lonely, a shadow proves a light is shining.

I also know that sometimes we need to be in the shadow of God because being fulling the light is not where we need to be. It's not the time for us to fully see everything just yet. So being in the cleft of the rock, God, we are being protected until it is time for us to fully see and understand what all is in the light.

That light is the light of God shining on the everyday things of life. No matter where you are going. May you be inspired to embrace His shadow every day, it proves He is with you. That His protective wings are over you.

The Holy Spirit that lives in you is the light that shines in you. So, you have God’s protection and the Spirits light with you always.

I can admit to not remembering this sometimes. When I am feeling weary and deep in the shadows I must run and sit at God’s feet so I can be renewed and know that He is there, and He is guiding me through. Life can feel heavy but knowing God is with us can make that load be lighter as He is helping carry it.

John 8:12 - Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

When we give our lives to Christ we need to remember, daily, that Jesus is the light in the dark.

Jesus came to this world to shine the light on who God is. Like the lighthouse guided the ship, Jesus directs us toward God's light. The light of Christ guides us through the darkness of sin, life, and struggle both spiritually and literally.

Thank you, Lord, for your beacon of light stretched out guiding us. Help us to keep our heads and our eyes up to see that light through everything.

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