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Pesky problems are like flies in the window

I was watching my Boxer, Daisy, the other night and it looked like she was just staring out the back French doors. It seemed like she was just staring out into nothing. But then I noticed that she was actually hunting flies. All of a sudden she dove at the fly, trying to catch it in her mouth. She would miss some, get some and she kept hunting for an hour...mesmerized by the pesky fly and not noticing much else.

I realized that I do that, I don't hunt and catch flies in my mouth, but I concentrate on pesky problems. Like Daisy, I can get so caught up in that pesky problem or frustration that the good things around me get forgotten. There are better things to take my attention, but I've got my mind set on the pesky problem and don't seem to let it go, like I should.

Have you ever done that? Gotten so caught up by a problem, a frustration or a thought that you just keep chasing it without finding a way to put it away and enjoy the good that surrounds you?

So, what do we do about it. How do we shift gears? With Daisy, a Milk Bone cookie can get her attention away from the fly. But Milk Bone cookies don't work for me. I don't imagine they would work for you either. But, I've learned that I need to lay those problems and frustrations at the feet of Jesus. Ask him to handle those things that I can't seem to handle on my own. Replace the pesky problems with the good gifts God has given you...or we spend hours we can't get back, chasing a problem that we should have given to God. Jesus actually asks us to bring these issues to Him. He wants to take these pesky problems off our hands so we can hold the good in life.

When we can let go and let God handle those things that may present as a pesky problem but are no problem for God, then we can begin to see the beauty around us. We find peace and enjoy NOT having to chase the pesky flies of life.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

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