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Kindness/Gentleness and your daily life

On KJIC's Rise and Shine morning show this week Rachel and I have been diving into the Fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). There are so many ways that the following of these fruits in our daily life could not only change us but those we come in contact with.

Perhaps one of the most popular stories in the Bible is the one known as "The Good Samaritan" It is about kindness and gentleness from the Samaritan and an attitude of "don't want to get involved" or "no time to help someone I don't know"

Please give me a little latitude in re-telling the story in modern day language.....

Ralph is walking along a road trying to get to his next location...when out jumps a bunch of thugs who beat him up, steal his money, take his new Iphone and the smart watch that came with it. Ralph is hurt bad and they've left him in the ditch and disappeared into the shadows.

The local Preacher (or if you prefer, Pastor-Priest) comes by sees Ralph hurt and bleeding in the ditch - wonders how he got himself into this mess, crossed the road and kept walking...later another man on his way to a Church committee meeting passes Ralph...sees he is a mess but since he's in a hurry he walks on by Ralph...leaving him almost dead.

Then a guy that was from the wrong side of the tracks came walking by saw Ralph...jumped into the ditch picked him up...put him on his donkey and took him to the next hotel down the road...he used his own money, bandaged him, gave him food and made sure he was resting...but the next day he still needed to get to his meeting so he told the Front desk at the hotel that he was going to keep Ralph there, he left a few dollars and said to please care for him and feed him and when he came back in a couple of days ....he would pay for the rest of Ralph's care.

It was the man many thought least of who showed the kindness and gentleness that Jesus was teaching us about. Those with all of the Christian credentials showed no love, no kindness and no gentleness. Now they had an excuse but those excuses didn't bind Ralph's wounds or help him heal....Kindness and Gentleness may sometimes be spoken words to soothe others...but sometimes it requires action to be that ONE that will show the fruits of the Spirit of Kindness and Gentleness. I'd rather be that ONE that loves like Jesus.

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