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Itsy Bitsy Spider joins the morning show

On the Morning Show Rachel was talking about a very inspirational moment in her life with her kids and as I was looking at her as she spoke - but something caught my eye. It was an itsy bitsy spider that was slowly lowering itself down from the ceiling on a single strand of web. I was mesmerized by it's slow progression that was bringing it closer to my microphone.

Rachel was talking about teaching her daughter concerning prioritizing time with her devotional and time with Jesus...while I am suddenly miles away in the same room - watching that itsy bitsy spider coming down closer and closer... And as I'm wide eyed staring at this thing, Rachel is now looking for what I'm looking at and we both lost our train of thought.

Isn't it frustrating when a tiny little issue can pull our attention away from the good messages that God is sending us? Yet, I'm sure that's just what the enemy wants to do to push us away from the God message even for something that is hardly anything to give attention to.

The good news is Rachel was able to finish the story about prioritizing our time with Christ and making sure that we are giving Him and ourselves time to center and pray. Not only had she established that with her own prioritizing but she had the opportunity to live out how important time with God is for her daughter.

I'm sure her kids are going to remember how important it was for Mom to take time out of her day to do her devotions with God. As adults they will hopefully follow that example and keep their time with Christ a priority too. I know it was a good reminder for me!


NO SPIDER WAS INJURED IN THE MAKING OF THIS BLOG. It is now running free but confused how it got out of the studio.

Thanks to Raska Wealth Management LLC. for sponsoring the Morning Show, RISE AND SHINE. To get more information, their phone number is, 281.484.0600

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