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I saw Jesus at work in Walmart

The other Sunday I was at our local Walmart, standing in line behind two women at the check out. The woman who was at paying for her groceries at the register appeared to be

still wearing her "church clothes". Just as the groceries were being placed in the bags she called over a young woman who had been standing with her head down across the aisle from us. She reached into her stack of groceries and pulled out a can of baby formula and placed it in a bag to hand it to the young woman. The young girl was extremely grateful and thanked the lady. She told her that she'd been trying to find a job but she hadn't been able to make ends meet. The gift of the baby formula was a huge help. The woman, gave the emotional girl some cash and they hugged and left.

I knew I had just watched a woman who had brought her church lesson into the grocery store...and showed that young woman AND all of us in line what being the loving hands of Jesus looks like in the real world. It was not just a Sunday School lesson, or a sermon illustration it was real life. It was a reflection of Jesus for someone who truly needed it.

I am so grateful to that woman. Because she gave to a stranger I got to see Jesus at work in the Walmart. I don't know what church the woman attends, nor do I know the story of the young girl. But I know that I saw Jesus' love demonstrated in that check out line. She was Jesus' hands and feet in action on a Sunday afternoon in a check out line in Walmart.

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