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Fatherhood is more than a job.

Dads have changed over the years. Back in the 60s and 70s Dads were believed to be the one who leaves the house early and gets home late. He's the bread winner and she's the bread maker. Today, Dads are just as likely to be the caregiver. A House husband, if I can call him that, while the wife's career makes more money. Dad stays at home, caring for the kids, taking on tasks to make sure there is healthy food, well planned meals. He as likely to be the one in the pick up or drop off line at school. Dad's taxi to get the kids to piano lessons, ball practice or he is hosting a sleep over or play date. What dad does for a career outside the home, or what he does to care for the's not as important as who he is to his family. How he loves and guides his children. Dads have the best example of how to be a great father - Our heavenly father who has shown us compassion, discipline and unconditional love. Fatherhood is more than a job, it is a life career . Blessings to the fathers who are showing their children the gospel by their own actions.

Thank you to my a single father he did it all and my brothers learned how to be great fathers for their own children, watching dad live out his love and faith as our Dad.

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