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Ever read your own Obituary? I just did.

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Trying something a friend told me about, I typed in Susan O'Donnell-Texas in the search bar. I was expecting to see an article about my career or an announcement about my album being released...I was NOT expecting what popped up immediately. Susan O'Donnell of Texas died 4 months ago. WHAAAA?!

Bless her heart - Susan was only a year older than me. She was going to be missed by her family and friends. She lived a good life and was laid to rest in a local cemetery.

Even though I knew I was not dead, it was, admittedly, a bit disconcerting to see your name and the word "Obituary" in the same sentence. I found myself wondering what my Obituary would say when it was time for me to go. I would hope it would include that my family and friends will miss me. I think it would be nice to include that my comedy/music album flew on a Shuttle mission. I would hope it would include that I was a single mom and my children are incredible women, wives and mothers. I'd love to see my obituary say I lived a life to serve God. Married to a pastor for 17 years - I worked in the church as secretary, gardener, Bible teacher and youth pastor. Then while serving a church in Houston, I began to work as part of the ministry in Christian Radio...I think the most important thing I would love to see on my obituary, and to have people say about me when I'm gone would be --- Her life was dedicated to encouraging and loving people to Jesus. That means as I am still living out the dash between my birthdate and my demise, I want to continue to serve Jesus. I need to be a walking talking reflection of Him. Oh, and on my headstone - I'd like to see "She was the best fisherman who ever wet a hook".

May the OTHER Susan O'Donnell walk into the arms of Jesus and inherit heaven. Bless her.

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