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Claiming the Good Ol' Days for today!

Remember the good ol days? When were they? Because I’ve noticed that my good ol days are different than some of my older friends Good ol Days…and my good ol days are different from my kids good ol days . Most of us start to tell when the good ol' days were by the popular cars people drove back, I wasn't around for the 55 Chevy.

Some of the deciding about the Good Ol' Days is just memory, some of that is the actual time line. There is a five year difference between me and my oldest brother, Bob. His good ole days were when I was still living my kid life.

So what’s the point?

The good old days isn’t a specific time in the human calendar or in the 60s – 70s 90s- 2010 . the good old days is where you find them. And the unfortunate thing is that we often don’t find them until they are long gone and we have to dredge up long gone memories to even remember those Good old Days.

Why not decide that today is the Good old Days.

This is a time when you are living your life … maybe you’re raising you kids …maybe you are marrying the love of your life, or you are going into your twighlight years with the love of your life.

God has given us daily reasons and experiences that will make this time in our life – some day- the Good old days, so why not begin to enjoy them now…don’t wait until you have to remember them years ago….enjoy them now!

God has created such an amazing world for you to enjoy. He has given you people to love and a life full of joy to live. Don't forget to see it for what it is the Good Ol' Days.

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