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Chicken out for God

I seem to be learning all kinds of lessons from my backyard chickens. We have a dozen of them right now…and whenever I go out in the yard all 12 come running…waddling as fast as they can to be the one closest to me. Sometimes it’s so close I can’t move…but if I go right they follow…no matter where I go…they want to be with me, close to me. They are glued to my feet. I know their names and which one is which…(Missy, Sassy, Bananas, Syd, Kitty and Milly to name a few) and sometimes I just sit with them and talk with them….although chickens aren’t great conversationalists, they seem to know my voice and it seems they are actually listening.

I think in the beginning I thought it was just something for the chickens. I would sit and talk with them, pet them and snuggle them (yes, some chickens enjoy snuggles). But as time went on, I realized I enjoyed that time too. It may have made the chickens happy but it was a peaceful few moments for me too.

I wish we followed God like that, I wish we took the time to just sit and talk with God…even if there isn’t a POINT except to deepen our relationship with Him. The Bible tells us that God enjoys having those quiet times with us as well. So, when it comes to following God, take a lesson from my chickens! Rush to be in His presences and follow in His footsteps. Go where He leads, and sit and talk just to be loved and to love Him! You'll find the time you have with your Heavenly Father is "eggcellent"...I couldn't resist it!

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