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Authentic Prayer

Authentic prayer – what is it? I think it means a true heart wide open prayer.

“Don’t let your prayers be only all about you. They should be all about God. Prayer ties your soul to the soul of another with the strands of eternity.”

I was reading this article and I think the woman says it well.

She said with talking about being authentic in communication with God.

“What I mean is this: friends talk about everything. If my best friend and I only ever had deep theological or philosophical conversations pondering the fundamental questions of our existence, we probably wouldn’t be best friends very long. We talk about deep things, but we also talk about movies and cute actors and our favorite books and Anthropologie and art. We talk about silly things, little things and the big important things. Why? Because I trust her implicitly. And when you trust God, this shows in your prayers.

God is big enough for your little requests. He is big enough for your “dumb” prayers.

He simply wants to talk with you.”

1 Timothy 2:8 says, “In every place of worship, I want men to pray with holy hands lifted up to God, free from anger and controversy.”

When I think of authentic prayers I think of the Psalms. David was so open and honest with his word to the Lord and his place of worship was wherever he was. He wanted to worship God no matter what was going on around him.

When reading the Psalms and then I go to pray I find myself praying more open and deep prayers. This is why this Bible is so good. There are ones who have gone before us, and we can read and follow their guidance in connecting with the Lord.

David talks about sorrow, anguish, joy, and praises the Lord in and through it all.

In Psalm 9:9-11 it says, “The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, do not abandon those who search for you. Sing praises to the Lord who reigns in Jerusalem. Tell the world about his unforgettable deeds.”

Matthew 6:9-13 is the Lords Prayer that Jesus gave the disciples.

It says,

Pray like this:

“Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy. May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us today the food we need, and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us. And don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.”

We are to pray with the anticipation of knowing that God is paying attention to our lives, He knows every detail. We pray with the expectation that His will, will be done; because we know that He loves us. He is our Father, who is in Heaven.

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