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God has you ON the palm of HIS hand

Scripture reminds us that we are important to God.

He has said He would never forsake us, leave us or stop loving us. The Bible tells us that Jesus prays for us and that God loves us like a brand new mother loves her newborn.

Isaiah 49:16 Reminds Us of God's Love

And so God says about His people, “I have engraved you on the palms of my hands,” and He uses those words after that, “Your walls are continually before me,” so that basically, He's saying to His people, “I don't forget you. I'm committed to you.

I have a number of friends and family that have tattoos of the names of family that they love. But this is as though God has tattooed our name on His hand to show that he will never forget us...or His love for us.

How loved would you feel if someone you loved actually had your name written (tattooed) on their hand? God has said He has done exactly that. YOU ARE LOVED.

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