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are you REALLY praying for me?

I have been noticing that we often will tell someone we are praying for them, as we pat them on the back or end a phone call, but we don't. I'm wondering if we are really praying for someone shouldn't that be something we do while we are with them or on the phone?

Too often we say I'll be praying for you and then we forget to pray or get sidetracked and miss an opportunity to bless them by actually praying for them.

To pray for someone is such a blessing. To be able to walk into the throne room of God the Father and ask for grace or healing for someone we care about is pure joy. We believe in prayer and that it works and here is an opportunity to change someone's life by interceding for them with God. They have entrusted us with sharing their want or need with God. Let's make sure that we do it. Rather than simply pat them on the back and say I'll be praying for you, we stop and say or text a prayer for them.

Trust me, it will be a bigger blessing for both you and them.

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