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  • I need a copy of my donation tax receipt.
    We send out these receipt via email and postal mail every January. If you haven't received yours yet, please don't hesitate to contact us to request a copy. We want to ensure that you have access to all the information you need, so please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Our organization would like to give a donation, how does that work?
    That's fantastic to hear! Making a one-time gift is easy. Simply visit our "Give" page and choose your preferred method of donation. However, if you're interested in becoming a monthly partner and supporting KJIC regularly, take a look at our "Partner" page to explore the options that best suit your organization. We appreciate your support and look forward to partnering with you!
  • How do I update my giving information or amount?
    1. You can log into you give account: My Give Account 2. If you give through your financial institution, please contact them. 3. If you give by check, please indicate on your next gift your address has changed. 4. You can always email us or call (281)-824-1228
  • I made a donation, but I haven't received my devotional?
    We appreciate your donation! Devotionals are sent out quarterly. If your donation was made after our latest mailing and you opted for a mailed copy, you'll be included in the upcoming distribution. For those who chose the digital version, please email us for instructions on how to download.
  • Why do I hear another station on KJIC?
    Unfortunately, this is due to atmospheric conditions. Typically this happens most often in the summer months and will affect areas differently. There's nothing we can do about this irregularity, but you can! Download our Free KJIC App, connect to your vehicle, and listen away!
  • I can't pick up your station in my house or car?
    We're sorry you are having trouble. Other than being outside our coverage area, there could be one of many reasons why you can't pick us up. A common reason is atmospheric conditions. This will adversely affect radio waves. Other reasons include terrain, obstructions, and your antenna. Below are maps of our FM contours. Listening within the inner contour, you should have no problem in your home or vehicle. Within the second contour you may experience some static in your vehicle and most home radios will not pick up KJIC. The last contour or the fringe area will be mostly static and will drop out.
  • Why is there nothing playing?
    If you notice that there is no audio playing, which we refer to as "dead air," please don't hesitate to contact us immediately. You can report this issue by calling (281) 824-1228. Your feedback helps us ensure uninterrupted broadcasting, and we appreciate your assistance in maintaining the quality of our programming.
  • How can I listen if I can't pick up your station on my radio?
    There are many ways to listen within or outside our FM coverage! The most popular is the FREE KJIC App. Simply search 90.5 KJIC in your app store and download. Unlike some other apps, the KJIC app continues to play in the background so you can multitask on your phone or tablet. In your vehicle simple connect your device, start the app, and take us anywhere! Listen online at work or at home all day. Add us to your bookmarks! Listen using your smart home device. Say "hey Alexa, play KJIC Radio" and listen away! Listen on iHeart Radio by searching 90.5 KJIC. There are also other apps like Tune In, Spotify, Streema and more .
  • Why did I hear the same artist more than once in an hour?
    This happens when an artist has a song(s) in more than one of our categories. For example the artist releases a new song and has a song in the Top 40.
  • I'm a promoter/artist, how do I get music to you for airplay consideration?
    You can submit your information along with the name of the song, artist and where to listen here. Disclaimer: Do not send music files or links through email. We will not click ANY links or downloads.
  • I can't find a song I heard?
    Our song history can be viewed by visiting our play history page
  • Why am I hearing music other than country?
    While we do incorporate elements of other Christian music genres from time to time, our primary focus remains on promoting Christian Country artists and songs that align with the distinct style and message of the genre. Christian Country is a growing genre, which means there's not a huge selection to choose from. Many artists we play are "crossover" artists meaning they're in more than one genre of music. We purpose to be mostly Christian country music, but you'll hear a mix of other genres as well.
  • I'm a promoter that's looking to promote a concert on KJIC.
    We typically only promote concerts for artist that we play on KJIC. Visit our "Advertising" page for details.
  • We want to advertise our business on KJIC. How does that work?
    Because we are a non-commercial station we are restricted by the FCC in how we can promote "for-profit" entities on the radio. Here are examples of what we can not say: A. Announcements containing price information are not permissible. This would include any announcement of interest rate information or other indication of savings or value associated with the product. An example of such an announcement is: -- "7.7% interest rate available now." B. Announcements containing a call to action are not permissible. Examples of such announcements are: -- "Stop by our showroom to see a model"; -- "Try product X next time you buy oil." C. Announcements containing an inducement to buy, sell, rent, or lease are not permissible. Examples of such announcements are: -- "Six months' free service"; -- "A bonus available this week"; -- "Special gift for the first 50 visitors." We can however acknowledge your for-profit on the radio through "enhanced underwriting". Visit our "Partner" page.
  • Our church/non-profit is having an event, how can we advertise on KJIC?
    We are pleased to offer various advertising packages at reasonable rates. To ensure timely promotion, we require notification of the event at least three weeks prior to its start date. Thank you for considering us for your advertising needs! Visit our Events page for details.
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