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If I Got Jesus

Ben Fuller


[Verse 1]
I've had a dollar to my name
I've had friends that walked away
And I've even lost myself a time or two
There were bridges crossed and burned
But through all the wreckage I have learned
There is one thing that I can never lose

If I got Jesus
I've got all that I could ever need
Take the world away from me
And I'll be okay
If I got Jesus
There's a hope that's living deep inside
A joy that I could nеver hide
And a safe placе to fall
If I got Jesus
I got it all, mmm

[Verse 2]
I've seen weakness turn to strength
I've seen failures met with grace
And it's not from what I've done, it's Christ in me
A miracle I can't explain
Oh, He's given me His Name
I'm the richest man that I could ever be

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