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You are woven by the Master Weaver

I was thinking about the stories that are woven throughout my life. They are like the threads that are woven through a beautiful rug. They vary in color and texture and some are warp and others are weft. But, as we look at the Weaver who is creating the beautiful art of the finished product we can see that each thread has been carefully and purposefully chosen and woven into it. Each has its own purpose and it's own place. Our stories come to serve their own place and purpose too.

We can't live a life without living it through stories. Some of the stories are beautiful and bright times of life that brought us joy. Some of the stories are dark times that brought us growth even through the struggles. But the stories, like the Warp and Weft of the woven rug, are what gives our life its beauty, strength, character and movement.

So, the next time you see a beautiful tapestry or are reminded of a story that weaves through your life...good or bad...remember that each thread of that story has made the life you now love to be what it is. It was all under the careful watch and creating eye of the Master Weaver. Not one is wasted.

And remember, this is not the end...the Weaver continues to choose the colors and threads and continues to lovingly keep His hands at the loom. You are a beautiful child, created with love. Each story has made you more beautiful even those stories that were not beautiful themselves.

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