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Who was that masked man?

The mask. We all were expected to wear it through what appeared to be the worst of the Covid Pandemic. We wore them into the store, walking through the airport. while in the beginning the mask seemed awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning. For many, it became more familiar and easier to remember and to wear. However, the medical community and stores and government buildings have stopped requiring people to wear

the mast.

But, if you are honest, are you still wearing a mask? Not the Covid mask...but the mask that many of us wear to hide from people...sometimes we even think we can hide from the truth God already knows about us. Behind the mask our expressions and our emotions don't show, or at least we think don't think so.

We hope we can appear like we would like to truly be, behind that mask.

For me, always struggled to breathe while wearing that mask the medical people required. Trying to walk through the airport while donning that thick ...damp...uncomfortable mask was like torture. I would have to stop to breathe before I could make my way from one airplane gate to another. I don't wear that mask any more but I am sorry to realize I still wear a mask...hoping that people won't see my short comings.

God can see right through your mask...into your heart and soul. He sees you for who you truly are, not who other people might see. As Christians we are not to wear masks to cover up our identity - instead the Bible tells us that we are to put on Christ. If we can wear Christ instead of that mask, we will not only begin to show Jesus to others - but we will begin to see US like Christ sees us. With or without the mask we are his Children.

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