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Taste and See

Let’s talk about the goodness of God. I think by now we have all heard that song so that is what you thought of and it is a great one but today I want to talk about the character of God.

When we look at the character of God we learn how to be as Christ followers. Jesus walked this earth to teach us so much and part of that has a lot to do with learning to be like our Father.

Psalm 34:8 - "Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!"

What does it mean to taste and see that the Lord is good? It seems a little odd to “taste” the Lord, doesn’t it? And if we’re a Christian, a man or woman of faith, don’t we already know the Lord is good? Maybe. Maybe not. Tasting and seeing His goodness involves discovery as well as enjoyment. God wants us to be immersed in Him. As an example when we see food we can see it looks good and once we taste it we are the convinced that it is as it looks, good. We can better understand that God is the bread of life by seeing and knowing who He is and that He can fulfill us like nothing else can.

Trusting God is like biting into a vibrantly colored piece of fruit. Watching the sun set on the horizon as it washes the sky with jaw-dropping pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds is like seeing His goodness in an unforgettable way.

When we see and taste the good character of God we then are learning and knowing who God is. It is an invitation to draw close to God, to experience His love and the goodness surrounding Him. He offers protection, direction, peace, forgiveness, wisdom, and more. He is good.

In the second part of Psalm 34:8 it says – "Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!"

Taking refuge in the Lord indicates we trust Him—whether our situation or circumstances are good or bad. We run to Him for the little things in life, the big ones, too. And sometimes, leaning on God during those hard situations are when we truly taste and see His goodness the most. 

When we depend on God and willingly look to our Father to meet our needs, provide direction and protection, and so forth, He calls us blessed. He coats us with His favor.

Just to add a little acknowledgement to God today here is some lyrics from the song Goodness of God -

I love You, Lord

Oh, your mercy never failed me

All my days, I've been held in your hands

From the moment that I wake up

Until I lay my head

Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God.

And all my life you have been faithful

And all my life you have been so, so good

With every breath that I am able

Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God.

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