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Jesus Bottles of Water

As we head into the really hot days of Texas summer, we are beginning to see how important cool water is on a hot afternoon. Water was often one of the elements that Jesus talked about in relation to himself as the Living Water. When he met with the Samaritan woman at the well, he asked her for water and then said, if she knew who He truly was, she'd be asking Him for the water so she would never thirst.

While we may not be able to hand out bottles of living water this summer; we can certainly hand out iced bottles of water where people are out in the sunshine. People impacted by the extreme heat may actually find the waters life giving in a real way, and the message life giving in Spirit. Maybe you and the family can can write "JESUS'" name on the bottles with markers and print 'John 4:14' on them.

You and the family have the blessing of giving those in need cold clear water...and the reminder that Jesus loves them and refreshes the Spirit. If you and the family decide to do this, please video the exchange and how it impacts those receiving the cold waters and your family as they hand them over. Then put them in the comments on this blog, please.

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