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Is your Bible exciting to read?

If I were to ask you what exciting book you'd read lately what would you say?

Is it a novel about adventure? Is it a biography of someone famous? Is it a night night book for the kids?

Would you say you were excited reading the Bible? Seriously, is your Bible exciting?

I believe the Bible ...Old and New Testament is a very exciting read.

Did you know there's a story of a man who was born a slave, hidden in a river when he was a baby, rescued by royalty and raised in the palace - only to grow up to be the guy that freed the slaves held by his adopted family and then led thousands to the Promised Land?

Did you know there was a young man who was herding donkeys when he was chosen to be the very first King of God's people...but when it came time to crown him, he was so scared he was hiding in the baggage. Even thought he was the biggest and strongest of all the men.

What about the Sheep Herder who worked for 7 years to be able to marry a man's younger daughter....but on the night of the wedding he discovered girls' father had switched brides on him....and he was married to the wrong daughter. (Gen 29:17-)

What's the point in mentioning the stories in the book? We often know our Sunday School stories like Noah and the ark....or Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt...but neither of those stories end at the flannel board. There is more, much more.

I've been enjoying the opportunity to get to know some of the cool stories from the Old testament as well as re-reading the life of Jesus and the lives and missions of the Disciples. I'd not read it for the sake of a great read for a long time...just picked and chose scriptures.

Wait 'til you read I Samuel 24:1ff....You'll be surprised to find out why Saul went to the caves and how David spared his life. I encourage you to begin to read your Bible again, not just to look up a verse here and there, but to really see how exciting God's book is.

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