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Independence Day

It's coming! Tuesday July 4th. There will likely be hotdogs, sparklers, ice cream and fireworks! It's the 4th of July - Independence day celebration. But, the date is actually not the correct day according to historical documents. The actual vote to claim Independence from Great Britain happened not on the 4th but on the 2nd of July. However ...the document was signed on the 4th ....making it official. It was a bone of contention for John Adams. He refused to celebrate the holiday on the 4th because he felt strongly the 2nd was the true day of America's Independence so it should be the day of celebration.

Now, when was your day of independence? When were you freed? Maybe you were freed from addiction, or from an abusive relationship. Do you celebrate that with joy and excitement? What about the Freedom bought and paid for by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection that defeated the chains of death? Wouldn't it be amazing to have your own personal Independence Day celebration. Your freedom from sin and defeat is far more worth the picnic, ice cream and even the fireworks! And imagine how fun it would be when the neighbors ask about the reason for your big party....and you get to tell them what Jesus did for you. Even if, like our Nation's Big Celebration on what some believe is the wrong day, you don't remember the exact date of your accepting Jesus gift of's still worth the best party of the year! Your OWN Independence that's a party I'd love to attend!

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