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Gratitude is an Attitude!

This weekend my Daughter, Sarah Beth, called to tell me that the storms hit their Spring, Texas neighborhood very hard. She, her husband and our twins were safe but there are huge trees downed all over the property and neighborhood.

Then a few hours later, my sister in Indianapolis called to tell us she was safe - but we would hear about a huge tornado that hit two blocks from her house. The pictures of the monster tornado against the background of Greenwood, Indiana was heart stopping.

A reminder that moments in our life can change our life instantly and forever. But the Grace of God becomes more obvious to us in those “moments”. My family was within a moment of being hurt or worse…I have been praying for those who did not fare as well . They’ve lost so much and the terror of a tornado is lasting on your heart and mind…But I can’t help being grateful.

If you’re like me, we only seem to be grateful when something catastrophic passes us by…when truthfully, God is always gifting and protecting and loving. So being grateful should be how we live all of the time. I know I shouldn't need my family to be saved from a car accident, or just miss the worst of a storm to make me feel especially grateful. My gratitude should be daily and constant. Gratitude should be our attitude.

Storms are devastating...and so are the storms of life. I don't want to underestimate the aftermath of either. But God is walking along side us through these "storms" and I am grateful that we don't face these alone. Thank you, God, Thank you. Maybe it's time to make a gratitude list. Put it on the mirror to remind you in the morning that Gratitude is an attitude.

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