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Ever wish you had a Joystick for life?

Have you ever wished you had a joystick for your life? Actually almost any kind of game controller would do. You wouldn't have to wait for an answer to'd just hit the right button and make it happen. You just load the controller up with batteries and go! You, literally, could make people jump when you say jump. I think if most of us had our way- and a controller- we'd control the game of life. Likewise, It's kind of what we might have expected God to have done with His creation - man...You and me! He could have made us into mindless puppets. He could have pulled the strings and we'd have danced to His tune and obeyed but not chosen the best life in God.

However, God didn't want puppets that can't choose to love Him back. God chose to create man with his own freewill. He would have the will to take control of his own life, or to choose to love God back and follow Jesus.

Sometimes I may wish I had the Joystick for my life and was in complete control but love and respect given freely is so much better than the controller that takes away choice so we have no will. Besides, my grandson says I don't know how to play any of those games anyway. He's right...I could really mess up my life if I was in charge without God's help.

It's an amazing gift that God has given us our own free will...but it is also a precarious way for God to love means we can easily choose NOT to follow the guide of the Bible, or follow in the steps of Christ Jesus. But with a God that loves you so deeply that he gave you his only son to die on the cross for your sins, who defeated death to give us eternal life....I love FreeWill . I admit I've made some hefty bad mistakes in my life because I was left alone with my stubborn will, but I've also made wonderful choices, like the one to give my life to Christ and follow him freely.

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