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Man On The Middle Cross

Rhett Walker


Heard the Preacher talking about three wooden crosses
Up on a hill everyone to see
Two sinners on the outside couldn't save themselves if they tried
All I could think is man that sounds like me
I've been the one on the left full of guilt and regret
Long gone on the wrong side of living
I've been the one on the right always looking for a fight thinking I could never be forgiven
I'm standing here today
Overwhelmed by grace cause I know who paid my cost
Thank God
for the man on the middle cross
He didn't have to do it But for me He went through it
A love like that I'lI never understand
Lord knows I don't deserve it And I know I couldn't earn it
Mercy rained down on this desperate man
The cross is where He went
But that ain't where He stayed
He brought me back to life when He rose up out of that grave
Someday I'll stand before Him
See Jesus face to face
I'll worship and adore Him
For a life forever changed

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