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Together we are changing lives!

90.5 KJIC operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and sustaining this isn't an easily met expense. It requires the collective support of listeners and sponsors, not just a few. Becoming a KJIC partner strengthens our efforts and demonstrates to the community that you endorse our mission.

Many of our partners have been supporting us for decades, making them vital contributors to our growth over the years. We aspire to see the list of partners expand even further. You too can be part of this impact by joining our efforts to provide hope and encouragement to a world in need.

Whether you aim to make a substantial impact or take smaller steps, we understand. While some of you may wish to give more, we acknowledge that it might not be the right season for everyone. We understand and encourage you not to give beyond your means. Remember, we are stewards of the resources that God has provided, and our giving should be both responsible and joyful.


Giving Back

Contributing to nonprofits is a way of giving back to the community. At Community Radio Inc., our community extends beyond city boundaries; we purposefully strive to reach every conceivable town, city, state, and country. With your support, that vision becomes increasingly possible.


Leading The Way

As a KJIC partner, you are paving the way for others to be part of something extraordinary too. Making an impact requires collective effort, but it only takes one person to initiate it.


Helping Those In Need

Numerous listeners have shared with us that our station provided solace during their darkest moments. For others, KJIC serves as a wellspring of encouragement during life's challenges. Our mission is to bring comfort, encouragement, and spiritual strength to Christians worldwide, while also acting as a beacon of hope for those who are lost.


Spreading The Gospel

Spreading the Gospel is at the heart of our mission at Community Radio, Inc. We are dedicated to sharing the message of Jesus Christ through our broadcasts, reaching listeners far and wide with the transformative power of the Gospel.

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