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There was a SeaWorld...before SeaWorld (on Galveston Isle)

Millions travel to San Antonio's SeaWorld each year to see dolphin and aquatic shows among other theme park related activities. But many Houstonians don't realize there had been a first-of-its-kind similar theme park on Galveston Island that opened in 1965: SeaArama Marine World. The park featured a 400,000 gallon aquarium tank at its centerpiece (where visitors could watch divers interact with dolphins and other sea creatures). Other attractions included a whale show, choreographed water-ski show on a separate on-site lake, parrots and tortoises (and for a while, even snake charmers).

But by 1988, the cracks of SeaArama were starting to show (literally) and the too-small-for-comfort Orca water tanks were now attracting the attention of PETA. For a while, visitors traveling along Sea Wall Blvd would see back to back billboards for the locally known SeaArama Marine World and the newer/shinier/bigger SeaWorld San Antonio. By 1990, the final shows were held and the park was closed for good


But many residents of Galveston and Houstonians alike have many fond memories of the first aquatic theme park of its kind. SeaWorld had to start somewhere.

Sea-Arama Marineworld links...

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