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Habits we should take on

Habits…Good and Bad we have them . But we look to set good ones. You know the frustration… of being stuck in a bad habit or being unable to get a good habit to stick. It’s so beneficial when we can learn to create and keep good habits in our lives. Especially when it comes to applying the principles of life from the Word of God.

Having good, Godly habits can make a big difference in our Christian walk! When we have good practices in place, we can do a better job of focusing on Jesus.

But you know, easier said than done, right? There’s so much more to learn about cultivating and keeping good habits (and, ditching bad ones!) I’m sure some of you are with me on this.

So, let’s get into that a bit more…. I found 7 Biblical ways we can do to grow good habits.

1) Consistency in prayer

Daniel was a great prayer…. He didn’t let anything, or anyone stop him. What ways might you and I be not only more consistent in our prayer time, but bold and courageous to pray even when praying might be embarrassing or get us in trouble?

He didn't care that he would be thrown into a lions den and been eaten. All he cared about is what he knew he needed to do and that was to have consistency in his prayer life.

2) Taking time to rest, even when life is hectic.

We have talked about rest a time or two here at Rise and Shine and so we know that we need this. It is spoken about multiple times and Jesus even rests. How can I be calmer, and take time to rest, even when there’s a ‘storm’ swirling around me?

3) Praising God, regardless of the circumstances

This is one of those good habits in the Bible that I want to practice more… to praise God all day every day, regardless of what’s happening in my life. King David was awesome about this. Just look at all the chaos David endured (particularly running from Saul, who wanted him dead), and yet so many of the Psalms written by David were full of praise.

4) Daily reading the Word of God

Diving daily into the word of God is a habit that we can find difficult because of time. But if we are able to get into it and start this good habit we will see how much we need it and the changes that will come with is will be beneficial to your daily living and you daily guidance from the Lord.

5) Giving generously and Sharing

When it comes to principles of Godly living, generosity is way up at the top of the list. In Deuteronomy 15:7-8, the Lord commands the Israelites - But if there are any poor Israelites in your town when you arrive in the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not be hard-hearted or tightfisted toward them. Instead, be generous and lend them whatever they need.

Similarly, sharing is also a good Godly habit to develop. In Acts 4:32-35, the people of the early church shared what they had, so no one went without. They literally shared everything. Of course, sharing can be the same as giving… but it can also look more like lending something to someone, trading resources (bartering), or just sharing your time (listening and giving your attention).

6) Forgiving, even when it is hard

This is tough, I know—but so imperative! It’s perhaps one of the most important habits in the Bible that we’re called to adopt. And no one else modeled it so perfectly as Jesus did. Not only did He forgive countless people throughout His ministry (adulterers, greedy tax collectors, prostitutes, etc.), but most stunningly, He forgave the very people who crucified Him. Jesus most certainly had a strong ‘habit’ of forgiving people.

7) Making right choices

The last of these good habits in the Bible, is more of a general-right-living kind of thing. I believe that it encompasses the 6 above in order to fulfill this one.

In other words, it’s the habit of making good, Godly choices. It’s about turning away from the option to sin and choosing instead to do what’s right and glorifying to God. When we live out the other 6 habits above we are more inclined to lean into making right choices because we instinctively go to God.

But in making right choices let look at Joseph. After being betrayed by his own brothers, sold into slavery, and all the struggles and setbacks he experienced, he could’ve easily chosen to be bitter and vengeful—but instead he was patient, forgiving, diligent, and God-honoring.

Good Godly habits shape out character to be more Christlike.

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