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Feeling about YOU?

The Bible talks about the fruits of the Spirit. While there is no specific, real fruit mentioned it was an example those who lived during the time of Christ certainly understood the imagery. The fruit of the spirit is LOVE, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self control - against these things there is no law.

As we "wear Jesus" as the Bible encourages us to do, we must understand How Jesus walked through the world in his 33 years of wearing the broken flesh of man. He was known for his Love, he was described as joyful...the Prince of Peace. The patience with which lead the Disciples through his 3 years of ministry was incredible. He shared a dip with Judas at the last supper while knowing that in a matter of hours Judas would betray him. He forgave Peter who denied him again and again as Jesus was being tortured before he was crucified. And....while Thomas doubted his identity after the resurrection...Jesus simply offered to let Thomas to have the physical proof (put your hand in the nail holes ).He was filled with Kindness and gentleness as he dealt with the woman found to be an Adultress. He had self control when crowds threatened to stone him for claiming to be the Son of God. While our way to show the fruits of Spirit may never be as intense or tragic as Jesus had to show his. We follow Jesus, so we must not only speak of the fruits but exhibit them in our daily life. Sometimes I don't feel all that Fruity...but it's not about feeling - it's about being Christ like.

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