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Bubbles' Babies are a chip off the old block - literally.

I am a grandmother, a very proud grandmother. My first born grandson is now 13. He's a giant guy, 6'1" with size 14 feet and he believes he can pick up 'Nana' with no problem. I disagree but we haven't tried it yet.

My twin grandchildren - one boy and one girl- are 4 years old and they call me "Bubbles". Yes, my grandma name is "Bubbles".

My granddaughter is quite a curious and adventurous kid. This week she decided that a good thing to do with a rock was to cram it up her nose. So her mother spent the evening working to get that rock out of her nose with tweezers and loads of patience.

Once we knew everyone was safe and okay, I had to giggle because these three grandbabies are an answer to my Single Mom prayers for my daughters. I would have to deal with their adventurousness (one of the girls used to dissect snakes on my back deck and collect buckets of baby moccasins in a paint can.) and mischievousness like scalping a Barbie doll to make their sister scream (it worked). I would pray that one day they would have children that were just like them...a payback so to speak. VIOLA!! my grandkids are fitting the bill. Her brother my 4 year old grandson has his times of being mischievous but in this instance he just sat back and watched his sister test her rock theory. He watched mom and gave play by play commentary to his stuffed bear throughout the rock removal.

I got to thinking...isn't this the way as Christians we should want our children to be like our Father. Wanting the generations of our family to take after our Heavenly father. To be the spittin' image of Him as my own grandmother would say.

I often find myself saying to my girls..."your kid is just like you were". And, they are - although it seems like my older grandson is more like his Aunt and my only granddaughter is more like her Aunt. But seriously, wouldn't we all love for people who know us and our Heavenly father to say the same thing...we are definitely our Father's child. Then the best would be to have generations and generations after us who are also our Heavenly Father's Child!

Just to put your mind at ease, no rocks were injured or damaged in the making of this incident...and the rock that starred in this has been given a place of honor in a glass vial that will be on display and brought out often when she begins dating. (if I have anything to do with it...Bubbles has a mischievous streak too.)

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