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Baby Elephants and pick up trucks...on your mind.

I was trying to deal with a frustration that I had. Even when I was trying to do Rise and Shine, I'd been letting it "eat away at me" for a couple of days and allowed it to infect my mood. So, I decided to do what the Philippians 4:8 scripture....says, "Finally (Susan) whatever is true whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praise worthy (Susan) think about such things. "

I was holding on to that scripture because it was already obvious that just trying to not think about my frustration didn't work. It's like if I said, " do not think about a baby elephant, whatever you baby elephant!" Boom - what happens?

You're picturing a baby elephant! In order to stop thinking about a baby elephant you have to replace that thought with something else like a purple pick up truck.

Okay, that was close......

.....see now you're getting it!

It takes replacing the thing you are fixated on with something that can make it disappear and soothe your mind. Like Philippians 4:8ff. whatever is lovely, admirable, right, excellent, pure....think on these things. Replacing the unhealthy thoughts with the new thoughts will mean the old - unhealthy ones- will no longer infect you and you can begin to find peace...."And the God of Peace will be with you" Phil4:9

By the way that's a blue pick up truck not purple but it's really close! Good job!

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