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While I Wait

Gary LeVox/Brittany LeVox


I been breaking down every hour
Don't know where I can go from here
I been whispering in the darkness
Borrowing someone else's prayers

What do I do with my fear
When it won't go away
How do I hold to my hope
When I'm lost in the waves

Until you heal me
Until there's no more pain
Until these tears dry and my heart unbreaks
Until the rain stops
Until you make a way
Oh lord I still praise you
While I wait

In the middle of all my questions
There's a peacе that I can't deny
You come closer whеn I am broken, oh
And you tell me to lift my eyes

All of the worrying's we'll meet them
There's nothing else I can do
'cause every enemy surrounding me
Still has to bow down to you
Yes they do

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