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Fishin' With Jesus

Cody Webb


[Verse 1]
Another Sunday morning rolls around
The Steeple bells are ringin'
Little stores are closed all over town
There's people fryin' chicken
I'm usually on the third pew right beside mom and dad
But every now and then

You can find me out here on the lake
Just wetting a line
Waitin' on a bass to take the bait
Catchin' up with a friend of mine
And by quarter past eleven
It's like I died and went to Heaven
By now that preacher's probably preachin'
While I'm fishin' with Jesus

[Verse 2]
Yeah, even if I don't get a bite
Sometimes all I need
Is that stained glass color sunrise
Cuttin' through the cyprus trees
Little less brick and mortar
A little more holy water

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